Party In My Plants with Talia Pollock

Party in My Plants

Take the Hell Out of Healthy Living

It's been amazing to watch Talia sprout wings and soar as a wildpreneur. I few years back I was lucky enough to be Talia's business coach/accountability buddy as she sprouted her idea for PartyInMyPlants. She's been charging forward and transforming people lives leaving a wake of happy, healthy laughter behind her ever since! 

Q: Describe your perfect day as a wildpreneur.

My perfect day as a wild entrepreneur varies greatly which is a cliche and also in-keeping with the “wild” part of the equation! Entrepreneur life IS wild and there’s rarely consistency for me but my favorite days always bookend with meditation and include movement and “me” time first thing in the morning. From there it’s a combination of interviewing guests for my podcast, filming a cooking video, writing my upcoming book, swimming my way out of the email deep-end, having coaching calls with clients or meetings with collaborators, hitting the road for a speaking gig or event, or testing a recipe with Friends, an audiobook or a podcast on in the background! And plants. There are always lots of plants being eaten in between things.

Q: What was your inspiration to create Party in My Plants?

I created Party in My Plants to breathe fresh, funny air into the often way-too-serious space of healthy living. I’ve had a passion for comedy, performing and writing for almost my whole life and I originally set out in this world to become a professional comedian! But along the way, I stumbled upon healthy eating (specifically, eating plants!) which radically changed my life and helped me overcome nearly a decade of health struggles. Pursuing only one of these two passions -- comedy but not healthy eating or healthy eating but not comedy -- felt like cutting off a limb or living in the closet so I decide to merge the two and my humorous brand of healthy living, Party in My Plants, was born!

Q: Is this work your passion? What keeps you motivated?

There’s not a chance I’d still be doing this work four years later if I wasn’t so deeply passionate about it, because it definitely hasn’t been an easy, quick or tear-free road! What keeps me motivated is both knowing, through gut feeling, waves of success and literal notes from my audience that this is truly what I’m meant to do with my life -- inspire people to take better care of themselves so they can live their best, greatest lives, AND knowing that the last thing in the world I want is a “real job.” After years of boss-less, bra-less working, I could never not work for myself! 

Q: Did you make any personal sacrifices to get your business going? Any funny examples of living on a shoestring budget?

I think the biggest personal sacrifices I’ve made to get my business going have been with sleep, “vacation days,” and new clothes, all of which have been fairly non-existent. But the good news is that since I practice what I preach and eat such a healthy plant-y diet, I can still fit into my clothes from 10 years ago which makes the no new clothes part not that bad -- and was pretty nice when I wore my high school prom dress to my friend’s recent black-tie wedding!

Q: What is the best piece of advice you'd give to someone looking to start their own business?

Here are the ingredients to my business success smoothie: pull out what you’re uniquely gifted at, combine it with what you’re extremely passionate about, sprinkle in a solid reason WHY you want to do this work as it relates to WHO you deeply want to help, ignore or outsource that which weighs you down, add some matcha and blend till creamy. Then drink daily.

Q: What do you wish you'd known prior to getting started?

Just how important the patience piece is to the puzzle. And persistence. I think I would’ve shed a lot less tears if I had brought as much patience to my business success as I bring to the DMV.

Q: How do you give back to your community?

By educating and inspiring people to want to take better care of themselves in any way I can, be it by my podcast, my newsletters, my videos, coaching, speaking and/or volunteering at other events where I can bring light and levity to the way too serious topic of healthy eating!

Q: What is your favorite part about being a wildpreneur? 

I love making it up as I go! And I love being able to infuse 100% of me into 100% of what I do so the lines between “work” and “play” get so blurred. Some people might say that it’s unhealthy to not have clear boundaries between “work” and “play” but I think blurring the lines have caused me to truly live each day more fully and feel so internally fulfilled than I ever could’ve imagined, so long as I turn off technology every once in a while :)