Party In My Plants with Talia Pollock

Party In My Plants with Talia Pollock

Take the Hell Out of Healthy Living

It's been amazing to watch Talia sprout wings and soar as a wildpreneur. I few years back I was lucky enough to be Talia's business coach/accountability buddy as she sprouted her idea for PartyInMyPlants. She's been charging forward and transforming people lives leaving a wake of happy, healthy laughter behind her ever since! 

Q: Describe your perfect day as a wildpreneur.

My perfect day as a wild entrepreneur varies greatly which is a cliche and also in-keeping with the “wild” part of the equation! Entrepreneur life IS wild and there’s rarely consistency for me but my favorite days always bookend with meditation and include movement and “me” time first thing in the morning. From there it’s a combination of interviewing guests for my podcast, filming a cooking video, writing my upcoming book, swimming my way out of the email deep-end, having coaching calls with clients or meetings with collaborators, hitting the road for a speaking gig or event, or testing a recipe with Friends, an audiobook or a podcast on in the background! And plants. There are always lots of plants being eaten in between things.

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