“Wildpreneurs don’t perceive life as a race to the top, in fact, we may never reach the summit of our adventures because our visions will grow grander and higher as they are fueled by inspiration, purpose and love of life. We find beauty in our journey—the people, places, lessons and experiences—not only the destination. We believe in the power of one but strive to grow together." — The Jungle Girl

Open your mind. Tune into your heart. Let your wild inspiration flow. Use the simple, yet powerful resources below to guide you.

Entrepreneur Interviews

Featured Wildpreneurs

Successful wildpreneurs learn from the stories and experiences of others. Tap into wisdom and advice from your fellow free-spirits here.


Jungle Blog

Inspiration from my wild heart to yours! These short and sweet articles will keep you motivated, focused and gaining momentum.

Your Guide Book

The Wildpreneurs Book

The Wildpreneurs is an essential guidebook for blazing your own trail through business.


My Book Shelf

This collection of books and authors offer further guidance for wildpreneurs.

Quotes and Mantras

Quotes & Mantras

Need a quick dose of inspiration? This is the place to spark your wildpreneur spirit.