What readers are saying…

Part action-packed toolkit, part personal manifesto for those seeking to live life on their own terms, the book is a friendly and helpful guide to anyone looking to make the jump.

—Mike Lewis, author, When to Jump: If The Job You Have Isn’t The Life You Want

“A lot of people have dreamed about building this kind of business, and only a few of them have taken on the dream and made it work. Maybe you’re a dreamer, and maybe you’re a doer—and maybe, with the help of this vol- ume, you can be both.”

—Bill Mckibben, author of Deep Economy and winner of the Right Livelihood Prize, nicknamed the “alternative Nobel”

“A fascinating blend of memoir and practical advice for the entrepreneur seeking outside-the-box information on how to start your dream business. Tamara’s personal stories, at times, are fabulous adventures, and at others funny, honest, and self-re ective, offering insight into her own entrepre- neurial mistakes, with the hope that others can avoid them. A must read for the next Wildpreneur.”

—Herta feely, award-winning author of Saving Phoebe Murrow

“I remember watching Tamara incubate her wild business idea in our college dorm. She not only dove head- rst into entrepreneurship right after gradu- ation, but she did it in the middle of the jungle with her parents. The qual- ities that make Tamara such a unique, resilient, and open-minded person shine through in her book with raw honesty. And she doesn’t just want people to read the book and learn from her, she has intentionally curated an experience with interactive exercises so readers can develop their own blueprints. Wildpreneurs is inspiring and right on time for the growing movement of adventurous creatives.”

—Carolyn Barnwell, Media producer at National Geographic