Week 1 : Healthy Foundation

Your body and mind is only as strong as the nutritional foundation that build and maintain. This is a wildpreneurs guide to nourishing your body with the most powerful (and tasty) whole foods that suit your adventurous lifestyle.

Week 2: Natural Wisdom

Biomimicy and lessons from Mother nature. Make your business sustainable: personally and professionally.

Week 3: Work smarter not harder

Harness the power of efficiency, community, synergies.

Week 4: Zen Power

It's all in your mind. Wildpreneurship takes persistence and plenty of patience. Instead of fighting the current, you can train your mind to gracefully ride the waves of challenge.

To Be Posted: Testimionials


Complete Empowerment Program Includes: 

  • 4 E-Books packed with trips, tricks and tools for wildpreneurs
  • Downloadable podcasts and handouts that include  visualizations, exercises, resources and more
  • Short videos (fun and inspiring!)
  • E-mail support 

Only $135 USD for this life changing program (a small price to pay to become a successful and sustainable wildpreneur!) 

Program coming soon!

A couple of fun videos from past programs with the jungle girl: