This week is all about understanding what makes your body unique.  This is where the magic happens! Now that you're aware of the many nutrient dense foods out there the next step is to figure out which foods work best for YOU to optimize health and performance. Take this at your own pace and focus on the chapters and quizes that are interesting to you. This is about creating a tool box that you can call upon to listen to your body, nourish yourself with quality foods and live a balanced lifestyle. 

Follow these simple steps to get started. 

Step 1 VIDEO. Brief over-view of this weeks topic.

Step 2: E-BOOK. Read through E-Book #2: Listening to Your Body. 

This E-Book is packed with valuable tools and tips for listening to your body. E-Book #2: Listening to Your Body. 

Step 3 ASSIGNMENTS & QUIZES .  Work on the assignments at the end of the E-Book. When you're ready, take the following quizes to determine your metabolic type and your Ayurvedic dosha. (Note: If you have access to a printer you may find it easiest to print these off and take the quiz on paper.)

Ayurvedic Questionnaire 

Metabolic Type Test

Step 4. BONUS PODCAST: Ayurveda for Athletes. For those of you who are intruiged by Ayurveda and would like to go a bit deeper, this podcast is for you! This podcast is completely optional, but interesting if you have the time to listen.

Listen now: