You're starting to figure out what works for your unique body. Now let's combine this with sports nutrition philosophy! 

Follow these simple steps to get started:

STEP 1: VIDEO. You don't want to miss this special video, shot on one of Colorado's 14ooo ft peaks with a surprise guest!   

STEP 2: E-BOOK. Check out E-Book #3: The Essence of Sports Nutrition. It's time to do some experimenting with fuel for before, during and after your workouts! 

E-Book #3 Pre & Post Workout Fuel

STEP 3: ASSIGNMENTS: Stay focused on your assignments! These will keep you on track with turning new ideas into healthy habits. 

STEP 4: BONUS PODCAST. A quick look at the sunshine Vitamin! This short podcast explains what athletes need to know about Vitamin D and sunscreens. 

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Follow these simple steps to get started.