Congratulations, you've made it to the grand finale! Now that we've thoroughly covered your nutritional bases, it's time to focus on a balanced fitness regime.  Though we all love certain sports, it's important that we keep our athletic bodies strong and balanced with a variety of different types of movement.

Follow these simple steps to get started. 

STEP 1: VIDEO. Balance your body with a range of motion.

STEP 2. E-Book #4. What does it mean to have a balanced fitness regime? This E-Book will introduce you to a variety of fitness essentials. E-Book #4- Balance.pdf

STEP 3: ASSIGNMENTS.  This weeks assignments will support you with integrating balance into your fitness regime. I highly recommend that you turn these assignments into healthy habits! 

Part of being a healthy, balanced, successful athlete is believing in yourself! This podcast is a visualization exercise called "The Board of Directors" that I've found to be particularly useful for myself and the athletes that I've worked with.

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Follow these simple steps to get started.