We are eager for pre-orders to begin this fall! Gracias to the awesome team at HarperCollins Leadership for bringing Wildpreneurs to life. As life would have it, the jungle girl has a book AND a baby due around the same time (synchronicity?)...which means that starting in November we’re going to need your help to achieve our goal of 1000 pre-orders before the book is officially launched in February.

Why should you pre-order a copy of Wildpreneurs?

Supporting an author during a book launch can make a tremendous difference to their future. Pre-ordering helps the author like this: When you pre-order a book, it tells bookstores people want this book, which means they'll stock more copies of the book, which in turn means more people see it and buy it. Pre-ordering Wildpreneurs also means you get a sweet bonus!!

Stay tuned! We’ll be revealing this bonus package soon. Please help us spread the word to your friends, family and Wildpreneurs globally!