Don’t follow a model that doesn’t work. If the recipe sucks, it doesn’t matter how good a cook you are.
— Tim Ferriss
I remember watching Tamara incubate her wild business idea in our college dorm. She not only dove head-first into entrepreneurship right after graduation, but she did it in the middle of the jungle with her parents. The qualities that make Tamara such a unique, resilient, and open-minded person shine through in her book with raw honesty. And she doesn’t just want people to read the book and learn from her, she has intentionally curated an experience with interactive exercises so readers can develop their own blueprints. The Wildpreneurs is inspiring and right on time for the growing movement of adventurous creatives.
— Carolyn Barnwell, Documentary Film Maker at National Geographic

My journey as a wildpreneur began in 2007 when I attended a class at Middlebury College called “Entrepreneurship 101.” In Vermont’s Green Mountains I wrote up the business plan for my jungle lodge. Though the class gave my dream career some much needed direction, it didn’t adequately prepare me for the journey ahead. I felt as though I was using the wrong recipe—traditional business tools wouldn’t suffice.

Over a decade later I’ve created my own version that class. WIldpreneurship 101 is specifically designed for you. Be warned that this is not your typical business class, thank goodness! We’re far from typical thinkers. This is a new model for business—unconventional, alternative, out-side the box—however you want to label it (or not) we’re proud of being wild and off the beaten track!

This DIY Guide is for you if you’re:

  • A daydreamer looking to turn a wild business idea into reality.

  • A recent college graduate considering skipping the cubicle and blazing your own trail through business.

  • A corporate burn out.

  • Ready to quit your job, take back your time, follow your heart and design your life so you have plenty of time, connection, flexibility. freedom, and purpose.

  • Working full time but want to create something on the side (maybe experimenting with taking a hobby to the next level for some extra income?)

  • A retiree diving into a new part time business project

  • Traveling around the world and working on a microbusiness to fund your adventures.

  • Simply looking for an adventure!