Unconventional, alternative, outside the box, free-spirited…sound like you? Are you infusing your wild heart into an entrepreneurial pursuit? Welcome to the tribe of Wildpreneurs!

Wild + Entrepreneurs = Wildpreneurs

Wildpreneurship takes infinite forms: podcasters, life coaches, tiny home builders, artists, brewers, adventure guides, ski designers, freelance writer/bloggers, yoga teachers, organic farmers, photographers and beyond.

What’s your wild idea? Are you considering blazing your own trail through business? Maybe you want to open your own a coffee shop in an air stream trailer, build a tree house style ecolodge or make kombucha in your basement. Whatever stage you're at in life—recent college graduate, a retiree or a corporate burn out—there are infinite ways to follow your wild heart.

Our philosophy? Wildpreneurs blaze our own trails personally and professionally. We embrace free-spirited living as a business strategy implemented with love, sustainability, passion for life, purpose and a dash of Zen. We are guided by our wild hearts and the simple wisdom of the Mexican fisherman as we seek quality of life (beyond $), experience and connection.

Do what you love, love what you do.

Whatever you desire to create (or are already creating), this is the place to ignite your idea, make your plan, take action, gain momentum, and find support along the way. Whether you’re just getting started or your journey through wild business is already underway, you’ll find golden nuggets of inspiration, wild wisdom, advice and tons of practical resources to guide you.

Infinite Resources

Tips, tricks, interviews with fellow wildpreneurs, book reviews and other crucial resources for wildpreneurs.

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What’s New? Jungle Blog:

Book (coming soon!)

The Wildpreneurs is everything I wish I had known prior to starting my wild business. I’ve written this book as a step by step guide for your journey.

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My Wild Business

My journey as a wildpreneur began in the Mexican jungle in 2007. I had a rough business plan and a dream. It’s been wild ride, but a decade later, my jungle lodge is thriving.

Jungle Life

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