Mexicolate - Business with Love


Happy Thanksgiving to all you wildpreneurs! Keeping in line with our love and gratitude theme this month, I’m putting a spotlight on my favorite shop in San Pancho, Mexico. I originally popped my head into Mexicolate because I was allured by its decadent treats (yum!!!) but my heart was immediately captured by the owners and their philosophy—they infuse love into every aspect of their business and community.

Check out this sweet interview with Toto Flores, co-founder of Mexicolate (I did my best to translate this interview from Spanish).

What keeps you motivated?

If it is one of my passions! What keeps me motivated is to continue sharing with people all the magic that cocoa gives us, the love and joy with which people come to Mexicolate and that they recommend to more people, that gives me motivation, besides continuing to grow and generate more jobs, abundance and joy to many hearts.


What is the best piece of advice you'd give to someone looking to start their own business?

Do things from the heart, if what you do generates a positive change in others, the universe makes the engine work. Also, whenever possible, create with human beings instead of with machines! In this way, you will generate money for people that will continue generating more and more. That is common sense. We make everything by hand with love here at Mexicolate.

What do you wish you’d known prior to getting started? 

To just trust the flow of it all. A mysterious force guided me to become involved with the cocoa and its energy, it really is magic! Everything is perfect with all its imperfections. Our working model is somewhat unconventional, but our system works naturally. Our team works well together, strengths and weaknesses complement each other. We really fit together so well. Trust that everything will work out as it should.

How do give back to the community of San Pancho? 

I am very grateful to this place, the people, the nature that surrounds it and its guardian spirits, since it has given me the opportunity to grow and evolve in many senses of my life.

We are planting cocoa trees for the downtown to have more cocoa in the future. We offer cocoa workshops to children and try to give chocolates or cocoa water at community events and we make it a priority to hire local people to support the economy of San Pancho. I also personally volunteer with many sustainability efforts in town.

What’s your favorite part about being a wild entrepreneur?

Going against the system J. I make it a priority to connect with customers as friends and fellow humans. I love to open hearts and awaken consciousness/awareness.  

Anything else you’d like to share?

I believe that as a new generation with a knowledge shared connection with nature and spirit, we have the responsibility to generate the same awakening within our businesses, as well as with our families and friends. I know it's very important to make money and it's part of the business but I think the money comes only if we know how to share it. Our mission with Mexicolate goes far beyond “the system.” It’s a message that goes to the heart of humanity and awakens goodness, truth and love.


Describe your perfect day as a wild entrepreneur.

A perfect day is when I wake up with the sun and there are waves in the sea, that combination is beautiful. After being in the ocean for while I go straight to the chocolate shop with a good energy to start the working day. I love our work environment—our team is pure friends and there is a lot of confidence and good vibes between us. Later in the day I ride more waves or riding a bike on the mountain or just go see the sunset (always impressive!). After coming to rest at home or go to spend time with my amigos or go to dinner with my girlfriend :). I give thanks for a day full of love and joy.

Thank you Toto and Mexicolate for your inspiration and what you have created! May our hearts be filled with love, joy and gratitude this thanksgiving.