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Shanti Tilling, founder of Sweatplaylive

Q: What’s your biggest piece of advice to someone considering becoming a wildpreneur?  

You have to just follow your heart and go for it! There are going to be plenty of people around you that cannot see outside of their box or cubicle. You might hear advice or get resistance from people living with a fear-based mindset. Do not let them squash your dream.



Talia Polluck, founder of Party in My Plants

Q: Describe your perfect day as a wildpreneur.

My perfect day as a wild entrepreneur varies greatly which is a cliche and also in-keeping with the “wild” part of the equation! Entrepreneur life IS wild and there’s rarely consistency for me but my favorite days always bookend with meditation and include movement and “me” time first thing in the morning. From there it’s a combination of interviewing guests for my podcast, filming a cooking video, writing my upcoming book….there are always lots of plants being eaten in between things.

Powder Factory Skis

Powder Factory Skis

Casey Day, founder of Powder Factory Skis

Q: What was your inspiration to get Powder Factory Skis going?

My inspiration to get powder factory skis going was to create a job for myself in my home state of Colorado, where I could work in an environmentally conscious studio, and have complete creative control over the skis I was designing and building.

Feathers & Fur Retreats

Feathers & Fur Retreats

Paul Giradi and Danielle Hachey "living by the awesomeness factor." Read more here.

Carolyn Barnwell

Carolyn Barnwell

Documentary storyteller & branded content video and audio producer, integrative life coach, voice over actor, and joy seeker.

I Stand For Love

Sarah Love

This inspirational wildpreneur believes we can change the world from the inside out. It starts with turning up the volume of love in our hearts. Her love calendars offer daily motivation and mantras.

Flylow Apparel

Flylow Gear


Artist Stephanie Gauvin

Stephanie Gauvin

Canadian fine art painter and free-spirit.

Interview coming soon.


Michelle Abrams

Women of Colorado's mission is to unite the vast array of empowered, talented women in the Rocky Mountains and beyond. Check out this wild wisdom from founder Michelle Abrams.


Wild Balance Jewelry

Inspired by women with wild hearts.

Interview with founder Annie Kerr coming soon.

Hala Gear


SUPs rigged for adventure.

Interview with founder Peter Hall coming soon!