Attention: Calling All Wildpreneurs!

Wanted: Free-spirits who are blazing their own trails through business!

Call all Wild Entrepreneurs

Goodbye 9 – 5. Hello flip flops and freedom! We are breaking free of old business models and creating a new paradigm for entrepreneurs.

We do what we love and love what we do!

Though wildpreneurship takes many forms, we are united by LOVE and guided by the following principles:

1. Love of life. A yearning to learn and a craving for unique experiences—a willingness to absorb each moment as it comes is required!

2. Love of the unknown. We journey into new territory with open minds and open hearts. We are attuned to the mantra “the only certain thing in life is change.”

3. Self-love. We know that health is the essence of our journey. We share a willingness to listen to our unique bodies and nourish them fully. We must love ourselves in order to thrive and be everything we want to be for our business, our friends, families and community.

4. Love of Mother Nature. As we frolick in natural playgrounds—mountains, oceans, forests, rivers and beyond—we marvel and respect the magic of life. Just as the biggest oak tree started out as the tiniest acorn, we grow slowly, mindfully and sustainably. We use the wisdom of mother nature to guide us on our journey.

5. Love of connection. We thrive on connecting with, understanding and supporting our fellow wildpreneurs. We synergize instead of compete. We listen and learn from the experiences of others.

6. Love of simplicity. We are guided by the philosophy of simplicity on the other side of complexity. We embody the wisdom of the Mexican Fisherman.

7. Love of slow. We always have a moment to pause, savor and breath. Busyness is not a badge of honor. Less busy = more living! Time abundance is richness.

8. Resolve conflict with love. We know that conflict is an unavoid part of life. We use the Zen power of our minds to practice clear, mindful, and thoughtful communication from the heart to work through misunderstandings, disagreements and whatever other conflicts may come our way.

9. Love of inspiration. Inspiration is the fuel that drives us onward!

Wherever you're at in your journey remember that we wildpreneurs are all works in progress, always striving to improve in own unique ways, at our own pace. We wildpreneurs don’t perceive life as a race to the top, in fact, we may never reach the summit of our adventures because our visions will grow grander and higher—fueled by inspiration and a love and appreciation of life. The beauty is in our journey—the people, the places, the lessons and experiences—not only the destination. We believe in the power of one but strive to grow together.

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