Britta's Secret Garden: Wildpreneur/Biomimic

I was starving…for two essential things. Nutrition AND a true friend. In 2011, after several years of jungle living, my relentless focus on building the Tailwind Jungle Lodge had compromised my health and my social life (don’t make this mistake, balance is key!). Exhausted, I finally hired on some helping hands, learned to delegate, and sought a healthier routine. My first stop? A local farmer’s market that had just been created in nearby Sayulita.

As I meandered through the colorful market, I found myself at a stand overloaded with radiant organic greens—what a delight to see kale after years of enduring iceberg lettuce on my tacos! Beneath the table, a golden retriever wagged her tail happily while a naturally glowing young woman wearing a charmingly tattered straw hat greeted me with a smile.

“I think I need to know you….” I said to her golden retriever held out her paw to shake my hand…

We’ve been the closest of friends ever since. Britta’s greens nourish my body while her friendship nourishes my mind and heart. Britta is also an inspiring Wildpreneur AND biomimic; she took a raw piece of land, sprouted seeds and flowed with natural rhythms to bring her wild business to life. Here’s a bit of wisdom from Britta in this excerpt from my book, The Wildpreneurs…

A True Biomimic

Dear friend of mine and plant whisperer, Britta Jankay, established her expansive organic farm just outside of San Pancho. Her succulent, nutrient-rich veggies have made her somewhat of a local celebrity amongst gringos and Mexicans alike. The line at her farmer’s market stand is long, and absolutely worth the wait. Britta’s vibrant greens grace my plate daily, YUM!

brittafarm 4.jpeg

Britta doesn’t just grow plants. She has a deep relationship with her garden (formally called Ranchito Del Mar, but which I’ve fondly nicknamed “Britta’s Secret Garden”). It is fascinating to watch her as she listens and studies her plants. Her energy is calm, grounded, graceful and flowing. She says, “Nature teaches me so much. I love going to the garden each day and finding new surprises. Each plant has its own rhythm, yet they all work together.” Britta explains that gardening is a process of observing. You can’t speed up anything, you can’t control anything. You can only guide the garden and support it. “I do as much planning as I can, but the rest is up to nature.”

When it comes to Wildpreneurship, Britta may be ahead of the game. An article by Lisa Gates in Forbes Magazine, “Could Biomimicry Be the Key to Negotiating Your Startup's Success?” recommends that young businesses look to nature for advice, and for competitive advantage. In my jungle experience, I whole-heartedly agree. Nature has been an infinite source of wisdom that has been good for my business and my bank account. Eco-friendly business decisions can make financial sense and are an effective way to win customers (people are demanding more green businesses and creative eco-solutions!).

Gracias Britta, for your friendship, your greens and your natural wisdom—Wildpreneurs have much to learn from you, the natural flow of your garden and the principles of biomimicry.