Jungle Crabs Invade! (And Prompt Annual Reflection)

Photo: Shannon Hughes

Photo: Shannon Hughes

Invasion! The jungle crabs are back! Must be time to close up my jungle lodge once again. But that would mean …can it be…13 years? Have I really been a Wildpreneur for that long…?

June on the Mexican Pacific brings thousands of jungle crabs. They dance on the beaches, dirt roads, and even knock on the door to my casita—a sure sign that the tropical rains will soon arrive. These ubiquitous crustaceans trigger two annual rituals:

1) My lodge goes into hibernation for the summer monsoons. Closing the lodge is a sweaty affair that involves furniture hauling, deconstructing safari tents, repairing palapas, spring cleaning and lots of laughs.

2) Time to reflect on the year that has passed.

Each year of my life as a lodge owner has brought thousands of free-spirited guests, unique creatures and unexpected lessons. The return of the crazy jungle crabs remind me to reflect, digest and process all that has happened. Indeed, I could write a whole book about my jungle reflections… and I did, ha! Wildpreneurs is coming your way soon.

These crab inspired reflections are actually what eventually became the chapters of my book. Here’s a sneak peak and years/epiphanies/chapters:

2007: Daydreamer stage. The power of visualization for actualizing a dream.

2008: Getting dirty. You’ll never be totally ready, just roll up your sleeves and dive in.

2009: Financial rollercoaster. Dollars, cents and pesos. How to fund a dream?

2010: Nuts & bolts. What they don’t teach you in Entrepreneurship 101 (or business school!). Essential tools for a journey through the unknowns of Wildpreneurship.


2011: Biomimicry. Lessons from Mother Nature. How can we incorporate natural designs into our wild businesses?

2012: Simplification & Adaptation. Cultural lessons, personal transformation and my discovery that flexibility makes you stronger as a Wildpreneur.

2013: Invest in Yourself. Self-care is the key to success as a Wildpreneur. Deconstruct your bio-individuality and implement tools for holistic nourishment and healing.

2014: Family Business. Mission impossible? I created the Tailwind Jungle Lodge with my parents…the epitome of a labor of love.

2015: Finding Tarzan. Relationships and dating as a Wildpreneur.

2016: Resolving Conflict with Love: Jungle drama meets the spirit of Aloha.

2017: Chasing inspiration. Surprise celebration—10 years of jungle living!!! How to keep the inspiration alive for another decade? By writing a book for Wildpreneurs of course…:). Pen hit paper and my book will soon be hot off the press.

2018: Time to write a book and share my experiences with you!

Gracias crazy jungle crabs for prompting my annual reflections.

What will your Wildpreneur journey teach you? Have you reflected on your experience thus far?