Wildpreneur Manifesto

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
— Confucius

For Wildpreneurs, the lines between work, life, love and play are often blurred. My most profound wildpreneur ideas are often hatched when I’m frolicking in Mother Nature’s playground. On a back-country tour in the Colorado Rockies recently I hiked through wildflowers, skinned up spring snow and as I skied down (bliss!) my brain composed this Wildpreneur manifesto.

May this spark your inspiration and guide your life as a free-spirited Wildpreneur.

Wildpreneur Manifesto

We love to…

Chase inspiration.

Harness the power of daydreams.

Make play a priority.

Seek fulfillment and purpose.

Be supportive and supported.

Harmonize and synergize. 

We believe in…

A path that is simple, but not easy.

Picking our problems wisely.

Efficiency and flexibility.

Adapting to whatever may come. 

Embracing uncertainty.

Being a tortoise and a hare.

Living from love, wonder and our hearts.


Practicing self care, not seflishness.

Looking to Mother Nature for guidance.

We are committed to being…

Thinkers and doers.

Wild, not reckless.

Productive and patient.

Free and focused.

Ambitious and mindful.


Hard workers.

Masters of artful mistake making.

Empowered not egotistical.

Inquistive, open minded and always learning.

Breathe, enjoy, find what makes you come ALIVE.

Wildpreneurs is here to support you.