Jungle Crabs Invade! (And Prompt Annual Reflection)

Jungle Crabs Invade! (And Prompt Annual Reflection)

Invasion!!! The jungle crabs are back! Must be time to close up my jungle lodge once again. But that would mean …can it be…13 years? Have I really been a Wildpreneur for that long…?

June on the Mexican Pacific brings thousands of jungle crabs. They dance on the beaches, dirt roads, and even knock on the door to my casita—a sure sign that the tropical rains will soon arrive. These ubiquitous crustaceans trigger two annual rituals:

1) My lodge goes into hibernation for the summer monsoons.

2) Time to reflect on the year (s) that have passed.

Read on for a decade of Wildpreneur lessons/reflections and a sneak peak at the chapters of my book!

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