A Wildpreneur Love Ceremony (Wedding Alternative!)

Why not apply Wildpreneur philosophy to relationships and love? We live by our own set of rules!

Excerpt from Wildpreneurs Chapter 9- Where’s Tarzan?

“The free-spirited life of a Wildpreneur is full. Who has time for candlelight, flowers . . . amor? Business drive and romance don’t always jive. The human heart is mysterious and complex, but we all crave love from that special someone. . .a Tarzan or Jane to join us in our wildness? But how to find nd Tarzan or Jane? And once we’ve found him or her, how to keep that relationship healthy? As with other aspects of Wildpreneurship, embrace the journey of romantic love with an adventurous spirit.”

It took many years and adventures of the heart…but I’m so grateful to have finally found my Tarzan (Captain Walter Wright) to join me on this wild journey of life. We made the ultimate commitment to each other when we decided to start a family (jungle baby coming in November!). As baby bump grows, we felt the need to deepen this commitment and share with our friends and family. BUT, given our international lifestyle and free-spirits, conventional marriage just didn’t seem to be the right path.

SO…we came up with our Wildpreneur version of a wedding—a love ceremony. I went in with no expectations. Bridezila? No thanks! My only wish was for our family to be united (our brothers had never met before!) and for us all to bring loving energy to the new life that will soon be joining us on our life adventures. The result….?

This magical day blew me away! No stress, no worries. Just LOVE! Our hearts are full, our families bonded, and our commitment strengthened as we embark on this new beginning together. Sunflowers, a handmade arch, taco bar/potluck feast, flower crowns, rings with mountain/wave designs, poems and limerics shared by family members and of course, a love boss (gracias Kendall Hassemer!) to lead the ceremony. Baby did plenty of kicking in my belly throughout the ceremony…gestures of approval and delight I say!

Wildpreneurs, may you find a Tarzan or Jane to join you in your life adventures. To those WIldpreneurs who are considering a deeper commitment to your Tarzan or Jane, I highly recommend doing a love ceremony your own way!

To my Tarzan: You are my love, my partner, father to our child, my book agent, my co-host in the jungle, mi Capitan, my sustainability guru. Bring on the sunrises and the sunsets. My heart is full of gratitude and excitement for the years we’ve already shared and our life together today, tomorrow, for the birth of our baby and family adventures to come as we discover the sun, rain, storms and rainbows of parenthood.